Callum’s Story

When Callum joined he was a very nervous young man and anxious about what to expect in school.  He has a diagnosis of ASD and struggles with social communication and social imagination.  He needed to understand what would be happening in the lesson and be pre-prepared for it.

After a series of transitional stays in the school he settled quickly and now says he is very comfortable at school.

He is studying for GCSE exams and taking his NVQ in catering as part of pursuing a possible future career in that field.

Callum lives in the ILA (Independent Living Area) within school where students are encouraged to live as independently as possible.  On a rota they take turns to cook meals for the group, tidy and clean their living spaces, take care of their own rooms and washing all in preparation for an independent life beyond school.

Find out more about how we support young people with autism

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