We develop the potential of every young person coming through LVS Ascot

An all ability school that does not filter students with an entrance exam, but accepts enthusiastic and committed students from across the academic spectrum.

We aim to help the children of pub, bar and brewery workers where we can with their education.

There is a standard 20% discount on school fees for those families working in the licensed trade. We also offer a few full scholarships to LVS Ascot, covering the cost of a day pupil, for gifted and talented children. More information and criteria for these scholarships can be found on the school’s website.

Short term bursaries are available to parents in difficult situations – either facing very poor academic provision locally or the family and/or work situation means a residential placement at this school would show a real benefit to the child’s future.

Interested in learning more?

LVS Ascot - Independent School

“We are very, very proud of our children, they do exceptionally well and are happy.  94% of our pupils go on to university, 25% to Russell Universities”.


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